Pet-Friendly Carpets - Cuddle with your Pets More

 Pet-Friendly Carpets - Cuddle with your Pets More

By:  Barry Carpet



Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could snuggle and play with your pets more and waste less time anticipating their messes? Thanks to new modern technology in the carpet fiber industry, we now have pet-friendly carpet options. Some benefits include preventing stains, resisting pet hair, and reducing odors with exceptional durability, comfort, and style. So when that inevitable accident don’t have to worry about the fate of your carpet!

Two great fiber brands that stand out when it comes to pet-friendly carpets are PetProtect by STAINMASTER and SmartStrand. More and more carpet nylon manufacturers are carrying PetProtect fibers with their own designs, including brands like Stanton, Tuftex, Masland and more. SmartStrand is only available through Karastan and Mohawk. If you have a pet, here are just a few reasons why you should check out these carpets:


PetProtect carpet is made from STAINMASTER’s own highly durable nylon fiber called “SuperiaSD,” which is strong yet, soft to the touch. The key features of STAINMASTER’s PetProtect include maximum stain resistance, color safety, and odor protection.

While certainly man’s best friend, many breeds of dogs, (and cats for that matter), can be super shedding machines. With PetProtect carpet, a proprietary technology reduces the attraction of pet hairs to the carpet, allowing for easy removal with a simple routine vacuuming.

Even though they are absolutely adorable, pets can be sneaky little devils, sometimes leaving us “little presents” in areas that we may not discover right away. STAINMASTER offers breathable moisture barrier carpet cushion to prevent these accidents from penetrating through to the floor. After repeated carpet cleanings (every 18 months), PetProtect will continue to perform and stay newer-looking for longer.


Karastan’s and Mohawk’s SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet boasts features that include durability, softness, beauty, moisture absorption, and soil shielding properties. SmartStrand is made with an innovative fiber, engineered to resist matting and crushing. This unique trait is built into the fiber causing the fiber to bounce back, maintaining its beauty and appearance over time.

The Nanoloc™ spill and soil shield makes SmartStrand easier to clean dirt, hair, and pet dander. The fact that the SmartStrand Forever Clean strands retain 0% moisture means that pet odors are reduced in the carpet fiber. SmartStrand reduces dye sites, achieving lifetime stain protection.

SmartStrand is also an environmentally friendly product, certified free from harmful substances, making it a safe and healthy choice for both you and your furry friends. SmartStrand “Silk” carpet is incredibly soft and has great style and color options.

Amazing Warranties

At Barry Carpet, we believe that our pet-loving customers shouldn’t have to sacrifice style when it comes to choosing flooring. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for great-looking products that can coexist in homes with dogs and cats. And both pet-friendly carpet fibers have amazing warranties, with lifetime coverage for the most common pet stains.

Visit our West LA showroom at 11061 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles to see both STAINMASTER PetProtect and Karastan and Mohawk SmartStrand samples.