Kitchen Design Trends to Watch in 2017

Kitchen Design Trends to Watch in 2017

A look at kitchen design trends for 2017 from Bordentown, N.J., local business Cabinets with Amy and Lauren. Looking at both traditional and modern trends as well as what is appearing in both. Painted finishes being the biggest trend to continue.

Kevin Lawton Feb 10, 2017 

Kitchen design trends have dramatically changed over the years due to technology, the introduction of new materials, and design becoming more and more important in everyday life. The kitchen for many is also the central point of a home where all household members come together. It is also typically the room that sees the most traffic, so when consumers are looking for a new home, the kitchen is typically a large factor when deciding if the home is right for them or not. When thinking about remodeling a kitchen, it is important to look at the current trends in kitchens, especially when planning to sell the home in the near future.

Cabinets by Amy and Lauren is a kitchen and bath design company located in downtown Bordentown, New Jersey, that provides innovative and fresh designs for both new construction and remodeling projects. Amy and Lauren have shared some of their kitchen design trends to watch in 2017.

Traditional Kitchens
Designers are seeing continued interest from their clients in painted cabinet finishes. What is changing is that clients are getting more daring when it comes to the painted finish color they are choosing. The colors that they are seeing clients choose the most are soft blues, soft greens, mushroom, butter, and gray tones. However, the number one color they are still seeing clients interested in is pure white. In addition to painted finishes, clients are looking to bring in multiple finishes by utilizing accent pieces of worn or distressed wood as well as driftwood pieces. Seeing the wood grain and character of these accent pieces has also become a desire of many clients.

Traditional Kitchen Design

Image Source: Cabinets by Amy and Lauren

Modern Kitchens

When it comes to modern kitchens, the trends are going in somewhat the opposite way, which has typically been the case for traditionalists versus modernists. Designers are seeing that their clients are also looking at painted finishes but with high-gloss finishes as well as woods with glossy finishes. Modern designs are all about keeping it minimal, as the minimalist trend is going strong. Along with keeping it minimal, clients seeking modern designs are also adding pops of color by choosing bold colors for cabinet fronts and accents. Also, on modernists’ list of desires are earth-friendly materials and products like recycled glass countertops.

Modern White Kitchen

Image Source: Cabinets by Amy and Lauren

Design Trends for All Styles

While there are some stark differences between traditional and modern kitchen designs, there are some common trends that both design types are seeing. Clients from both sides of the spectrum are looking for designs that include open shelving as an alternative to wall cabinets. For countertops many clients are looking at using quartz.

A kitchen is one of the most value-adding updates a homeowner can do, so it is important to consider the trends that buyers are looking for when doing a remodel. For a new design and to hear more about what trends are happening, visit Cabinets by Amy and Lauren at 304 Farnsworth Avenue in Bordentown, New Jersey, and visit their Facebook to see more of their work.

Main Image Source: Cabinets by Amy and Lauren