Home Organization: Arranging Shelves

Home Organization: Arranging Shelves

Louise Gaillard

Some homes are small and quaint, like the many townhomes and rowhomes in the city. They definitely have a special charm, but it can be difficult to find the space that you need for all of your belongings. Shelves give you a convenient place to store extra items and also add decor to your room. If you have a room with four bare walls that looks like it’s “missing” something, you may just need some hanging shelves or a shelving unit for home organization. Check out these tips for arranging shelves in the rooms of your house, including your bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

Arranging Shelves for Utility

If you’re using your shelves for utility — namely storage, home organization, and easy access to items that you need frequently — invest in a full-length shelving unit that reaches from ceiling to floor. Get a unit that has cabinets at the bottom if you’re planning to store items that you won’t need often, like old toys and excess plates. Position this shelving unit on the wall that you and your guests will look at the least. For example, if you’re putting it in your living room, position it behind your couch or your favorite recliner.

Using Shelves for Decor

When you want shelving for decor, install individual or “floating” shelves. You can either purchase a set of wooden planks from your local home improvement store, or get a box of sturdy plastic shelving from a big box store like Ikea on Columbus Boulevard. Hang the shelves in a staggered pattern, from left to right (or vice versa) like a set of stairs. You then have optimal space for decorating it with tall plants, vases, framed family photos, and other trinkets of various sizes. If you want an even more creative idea, use rectangular and square-shaped boxes for shelves to decorate your walls.

Try Corner Shelving

If you have a small room or feel as if the room is already too crowded with furniture, use the corners of your room for shelving. Get shelving planks that are shaped at a 90-degree angle on one side, and rounded smoothly on the other side. Install two brackets on either wall to support each shelf. You can then use this area for storing useful items that you need to grab often, like glasses, plates, and mason jars near a kitchen or shampoos and hair supplies in a bathroom. There are also creative corner shelving units that you can find at retail stores.

The right shelving can be a beautiful finishing touch on any room. Identify places in your house where shelves would work and use these ideas for inspiration when arranging them for home organization, storage, or decoration.