Backyard Cleaning Tips and Decor Ideas

The less attention you give to your backyard, the less motivated you are to spend time there. Many people neglect their backyards because there’s so much to do and explore in the city during the spring and summertime. But you may find that if you do a quick backyard cleanup and add a few simple decorative items, you’ll be interested in spending more time outside at your home. Start with these simple decorating and cleaning tips to spruce up your backyard.

An Easy Backyard Cleanup

The first step toward making your backyard a more inviting and comfortable place is to do a good cleanup. A backyard cleanup doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming — all you need is a broom, rake or leaf blower, plenty of trash bags, and a handheld power washing tool (connect it to a hose). Pick the weekend before your neighborhood heavy trash day to do your cleanup.

First, get rid of anything in your backyard that hasn’t been used in the past season. Those stray items could be holding you back from seeing the true beauty of your yard. Next, sweep up any leaves, twigs, and trash from the sitting area. Power-wash the patio floor with a mixture of Dawn dishwashing liquid, a little bleach, and water to thoroughly remove the dirt. You may be pleasantly surprised at how good your backyard starts to look after this 30 minute cleanup.

Plant Perennials Around Your Patio

You want to make your backyard a place that looks beautiful year after year, which is why it’s a good idea to plant perennials. Perennials get their name because they are hardy and keep re-blooming every spring. Pick an array of fragrant flowers in your favorite colors and plant them around the edges of the patio area.

Decorate with White Patio Furniture

If you’re going to spend more time outside, you’re going to need somewhere comfortable to sit down and enjoy the scenery. For a really fresh looking backyard, choose white patio furniture. It may seem silly to use white patio furniture since it can be so easily soiled by outdoor weather conditions, but if you can stand a bit of extra backyard cleanup, it’s a great choice for outdoor decor. White furniture really brightens up the appearance of the entire patio and makes it look welcoming for you and your guests. Find white patio furniture that is waterproof and can be easily cleaned with a quick spray of your hose.

Add a Trellis to Your Patio

There’s one more finishing touch to add to your backyard decor once it’s all cleaned up and sorted. A trellis is a structure made with lattice that is used to support growing vine plants, but it can also be used for decoration and added privacy when you’re relaxing outdoors. Position a tall white or wooden trellis at the side of your patio and use it as a support for growing flowers and tall bushes.

Your backyard should be more than just a place where trash and leaves pile up — it can be a quiet place of respite for you after a long day of work. Set aside a weekend to do a backyard cleanup using these simple cleaning tips and then decorate it so that it’s a more inviting place for you and your guests.